Melted Crayon Art

This is an amazing way of crating a DIY Wall Art without much, and It’s perfect to give non-creative people a way of having a cool DIY Art and to the creative people to invent ways of giving life to the crayon.

Items needed.


– Crayons (lots of different colours)

– Hot glue gun

– Canvas (size of your choice)

– Blow dryer (hair)

– And you probably should put a newspaper or an old shirt under the canvas to not get the table or the floor dirty.

Well, the first step is to separate the crayons in a way you like and glue them on the top of your canvas. Done that use the blow dryer to blow the crayons and point the blow dryer downwards. This will get messy, but there is not a problem if the newspaper is laid correctly.

The time depends how many crayons you have. If it is an small amount it will get 5 to 8 minutes. If you have like 64 crayons you will have be patient it will take at least 2 hours.



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