Bonjour !

Today I wanna introduce y’all to my new favourite app – Dreamboard.


The key thing for this app, in my opinion, is the question on their FAQ.

Why should someone use Dreamboard instead of writing dreams down in a journal?
As you record more and dreams over time, you will start to see patterns in your dream activity. For example, you may identify and track recurring themes or changes in mood or recurring presence of certain symbols or certain people. You will, for example, become aware that you are dreaming mostly in red, or blue or that your dominating emotion in your dreams is Surprise or Joy or that you dream often about your college room mates.

I’m the kind of person that don’t have a dream journal, but have a diary and I write lots of things down there and one of them is my dreams; the thing is, even without the app I started to realize that I often dream with royalty, cheating and Prince Harry… lmao. Now, imagine how many thing I’ll discover with this app, this is so amazing…


But I hope in an “evolution” of this app the answer for this question is yes.

Can Dreamboard interpret my dreams?
No. Dreamboard is a tool that, through the tracking and aggregation of dream data, using specially-tested models and algorithms, helps the dreamer make correlations and uncover possible analyses that the stereotypical cognitive frameworks and thoughts that regulate our awake activity usually do not allow.

Hope you liked it !


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