Beauty Products To Have Flawless Skin



Hello Readers! I will share with you five beauty products that I literally swear by! And since I am not famous I am speaking it from the heart and not from my pocket, if you know what I mean.

Well I selected some products that I personally tested and included in my beauty routine.

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Power Peel™ Transforming Facial System: This is a product I would not use in a routine, after all the steps you skin will be amazing but it is a but rough on the skin so I like to use it and the skip a coupe of weeks before using it again. I love to use it while I prepare a relaxing bath.

Truth Serum®: Now this is a product I saw a lot of bloggers talking about on posts and videos, they were swearing by it, and I just needed to test it myself. First I was using it after I woke up and before I went to bed, but my dermatologist advised me only to use it when I woke up because I have a bit of an oily skin. But I can say that my skin, right now, is as flawless as ever.

Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado: This one is a great eye cream very moisturising. Most of the times I use it at night but I saw Olivia Jade on a video applying it in the morning to have a beautiful moisturised eye before applying makeup, I did it a couple of days ago and was amazing, I reallyyy recommend this!

Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel: So I was having a problem with my skin a few months ago… In some parts it was really dry and in others was really oily. I was clueless in what to do! I saw that this was one of the best sellers moisturisers at Sephora, so I went to a clinique store and looked for this product bought it and I could not let it go ever since. It is crucial not to confuse the gel one and the cream one, because if you have oily to normal skin the gel is perfect, the cream one is for dry skin, so be careful on the purchase.

Drying Lotion: Back when Snapchat was a thing, before Instagram stories… I always saw a couple of celebs and influencers posting pictures and videos of them with a face full of little pink dots. I did not understand at the time, but then I was enlightened by the magic of this product. If you do it by the book you should not pick at your pimples… but I am quite the rule breaker and I pick it just a bit to get rid of the white spot and then with a cotton swap I grab just a little of the product and put it on the top of the pimple, and the magic will be made overnight!

Soo do you guys use any of this products? Or you use a different one that works miracles? Tell me in the comments!