Under the Dome

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“‘What’ and ‘if’ two words as nonthreatening as words come. But put them together side-by-side and they have the power to haunt you for the rest of your life: ‘What if?’…” And what if you are walking your dog or doing what ever and out of the blue an invisible and mysterious force field descends upon you small town in the United States, trapping all the residents inside, cutting you off from the rest of civilisation. And that is the “reality” in the TV Series/Book Under The Dome.

The trapped townsfolk must discover the secrets and purpose of the “dome” and its origins, while coming to learn more than they ever knew about each other.

The series was developed by Brian K. Vaughan and based on the novel of the same name by Stephen King. Both Vaughan and King serve as executive producers along with Neal Baer, Justin Falvey, Darryl Frank, Jack Bender, Steven Spielberg, and Stacey Snider. Danish director Niels Arden Oplev produced and directed the pilot. Neal Baer serves as the show runner for the series.

Those are just facts, well, the series in my opinion is one of the best. I’m literally obsessed with it. I stay up util 3AM so I can download it as soon as it is available… OMG writing this pots makes me anxious to watch the next episode.

I’m tying a couple of different posts this days and I hope y’all like this new “vibe”.

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People Who Might Cheat on You

The Huffington Post posted an article about 9 types of man and woman that are more likely to cheat. And let’s be honest, no one wants to get cheated on. So, science may have a couple of answers for you.

1. Tall Guys

Screen Shot 2014-08-13 at 0.51.25
We’re telling you this not just because short guys make us swoon. A study from extra-marital dating site IllicitEncounters.com told us that dudes over 5’10” are twice as likely to cheat on their partner. Knew they were up to no good up there.

2. Rock N’ Roll Fans

Another survey from IllicitEncounter.com found that 41 percent of cheaters prefer rock music to all other genres. Your best bet for a loyal partner? Rap lovers.

3. The French

Man with a french flag
What can you expect in a relationship with the best lovers in the world? Wine, cheese and an affair, says science. According to LELO, a luxury sex toy brand who surveyed the globe about bedroom habits, 75 percent of the French admit to cheating.

4. Blonde Women

Do blondes have more fun? If you consider cheating a grand ole time, then you betcha. A CheaterVille.com survey found that 42 percent of cheating women have blonde hair. Better girlfriend material, guys? Only 11 percent of women with black hair are cheaters.

5. Twitter Users

Shocker: social media can be harmful your romantic relationship! While this isn’t too surprising, research from the University of Missouri shows those who tweet cheat. The more often a person uses Twitter, the more often they have relationship conflicts, like affairs. #TimeToCloseTheLaptop.

6. Female Teachers

What professions are more likely to stray? According to an AshleyMadison.com survey of its users, the typical cheating wife is likely to be a teacher. Someone’s gotta teach these ladies a lesson — just don’t call tech support…

7. Guys Who Work In I.T. 

Don’t be fooled by their soft hoodies, hipster glasses and patience when it comes to restoring your iPhone (you really should start backing up!) — these guys are sneaky, cheating hubbies, according to that same AshleyMadison survey.

8. Shopaholics

AshleyMadison also revealed that their typical, adulterous female user is a serious shopper. More than a third of the women surveyed said they spend more on their appearance since they started cheating. And, 27 percent have a secret credit card to fund their purchases. The preferred brand of the unfaithful? Banana Republic.

9. Guys Named Wayne

An easy giveaway he’s sleeping with someone else? His name. A study of 2,000 women found Wayne ranked as the least trustworthy name in love.

As for Lil Wayne, his real name is Dwayne, so we’re not sure where that stands on the adultery scale. Does the D negate anything? For now, try not to date Lil Wayne. We’ll update you when science gets back to us.

This article originally appeared on YourTango.com



Ter um novo ano pela frente é perturbador, janeiro, o mês que deveria dar alívio, amedronta. Imaginar todo o novo percurso, voltar novamente a estaca zero, não é fácil.

Mas poder desfrutar de novas experiências. Essa é a parte boa. Para alguns a novidade de ser mãe, para outros de realizar um novo curso, não importa onde ou quando, as vivências sempre estarão em nossas memórias para que possamos relembrá-las constantemente.

Pois é, iremos lembrar os nossos anos para o resto de nossas vidas, procuro imaginar como irei contar minhas experiências aos meus filhos, quando estou prestes a realizar um ato do qual não me orgulho, tento pensar antes, se o que eu estou fazendo é algo que eu quero que eu quero que meus filhos e netos repitam.

E é assim que sigo a rota da vida, a jornada que parece um teatro, geralmente, para nós adolescentes, temos muitos altos e baixos em nosso humor, o drama e a comédia são obrigados a se unirem e criar uma grande obra, na qual eu sou a protagonista, diretora e produtora, ou seja, sou eu quem escolho os atores que farão parte dela.

Herman Ze German


Like I said before I was in London a few weeks ago, and I was searching for a great Hot Dog restaurant. Than I headed myself into the Londoner website and I found this place called Herman Ze German, she said it was the most amazing hot dog she have ever ate, and well I had to prove this theory.

Screen Shot 2014-07-01 at 12.05.50

The easiest way to find the place is going with the tube to the Embankment Station and from there, you just have to keep straight to the Villers Street and right next to L’ulivo. It is quite simple.


I’ve ordered the Hot Dog, of course, my mother and father ordered a “Schni-Po-Sa” that is like a pork beef a milanese with salad and chips. It’s good but no one makes a better milanese than the italians so it’s better to stick with the german sausage. hahaha.



But in this place everything you order is great and to drink, they have a special session of drinks from the house, it’s worth the try !


It is located at

19 Villiers Street

for mor info click here.


Talk and Draw


Every friday at the National Gallery in London is provided a few materials so you can observe the paintings and make a drawing. It is very funny, I’ve almost tried last time I was in England. You can click here and see the schedule of the days, rooms and hours available. It is awesome the way that the museum encourage the arts, at the museum shop you can also buy different types of painting materials.

Screen Shot 2014-06-21 at 23.51.32

“Join an artist and lecturer to explore a painting in two different ways. First, listen to a short talk, then make your own response by making a drawing with the materials provided.”